Bobby Wertman


This site is currently under construction, but I'm glad you found your way here. Feel free to check out some of my current software projects!

Portent Maven Central semver v0.1.0 Build Status

Portent is a Java library, command line application, and Maven plugin for quick, low-configuration code generation.

Diorite semver v0.6.3 Build Status

Diorite is a Magic: the Gathering multitool, featuring lightning-fast searching, card collection tracking, and more!

GoSocket semver v0.6.3 Build Status Documentation

GoSocket is a library that runs on top of websockets and provides a Socket.IO-like interface for communicating with the browser or other Go programs.

GoSocket was initially developed for use within Diorite. I needed a way to quickly transfer data between the main application and the web UI, and I initially turned to websockets. Unfortunately, websockets required an extra layer of abstraction to differentiate between API locations. Websocket servers can run on only a single path each within an http server, so my idea of setting up multiple paths on the server wasn't feasible. I designed GoSockets to internalize these paths, allowing for a single websocket connection to simulate multiple endpoints.

fb-untracker v4.0

fb-untracker is a Chrome extension that removes Facebook's tracking links when accessing external sites.